KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet
KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet
KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet
KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet
KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet
KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet
KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet
Kiroku Studio

KIROKU Carry-on Journal Wallet

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KIROKU Carry-on - Vegan, Minimalist, Light - Designed in Germany.

Thank you for your interest in our products. What you support is a dream, a passion, and hard work of everyone involved in the process. And for that you get a beautiful pouch in return 😉 

NOTE: We will need 5-7 working days to prepare your Carry-on for you. Which mean from the day we received your payment, your pouch will only be shipped after 5-7 days. This is the time we need to finishing up everything together and quality control.

Shipping: We can only offer flat rate shipping for this pouch, which means there will be no free shipping option for this one. But if you do order other products together and get charged double shipping or more, we will only keep one time shipping and refund the rest to you.


  • vegan leather
  • protected with a cotton bag 
  • opens flat
  • 1 big full-size back pocket
  • a separate pen holder with three pen loops.

Left side:

  • 3 standard vertical card slots
  • 1 passport-sized bottom pocket (fits a passport, small notebook or the included pen holder)
  • 1 slip pocket (fits up to 160mm wide covers)

Right side:

  • 1 zipper pocket
  • 1 slip pocket (fits up to 16.5cm wide covers)
  • 1 washi tape holder

This listing is for the organizer and pen holder only.   Decoration is not included.

Size: 200x150x70mm 

Weight: 350g



A Note from the Creator

“Kiroku Carry-on wallet pouch is designed by yours truly, inspired by my son’s shoe box. For weeks I carried my essentials in this shoe box instead of other pouches that I owned, because its size fit my needs just right. But of course I wished it had a few more conveniences.

The final product was designed with the requirement to be simple, small, yet functional for day to day use. From my own experience, when the bag is too big, I will bring more than I need, it just ends up way too heavy and I am unmotivated to do anything. And with flat or small sized portfolios, they can’t hold up the essentials that I need for journal and craft. So with the shoe box and my personal experience with all the wallets and organisers, Kiroku Carry-on is born.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

- Suna


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