Join team KIROKU, grow with us! Here are some basic requirements before you apply ❤️
 • We’re looking for FULL TIME assistant/ helper (working hours and starting date are flexible)
 • You speak German & English, doesn’t have to be perfect but at least we can have some simple communication (I don’t speak good German or perfect English myself 🙈)
 • Kiroku is a Journaling / Crafting Stationery shop, so there will be lots of small tasks to be done and handled from time to time. It’s not complicated but we have to take care about it, being attentive, thoughtful, and so on 💪🏼
 • BONUS points if you like writing, journaling, creating, paper and stuff 📚🔖
Inbox or Email us with title ”Job Enquiry” with
 • Basic Info (Name, Gender, Birthday, Contact Info)
 • Work Experience
 • What do you think or feel about KIROKU and our vibe? What does it tell you?
 • Why do you want to work here?
 • If there’s anything else that you would like us to know, just write it! The more I can get to know you, the better 🙇🏻‍♀️//

NO WALK IN interview. Please send me your basic information first. Because I am working alone, it’s almost impossible to do walk in interview randomly. Thank you for your understanding.

Now, go and contact Kiroku! 📮📥
We will get back to you as soon as possible ✨