Personal Planner / Caramel Latte
Personal Planner / Caramel Latte
Personal Planner / Caramel Latte
Personal Planner / Caramel Latte
Personal Planner / Caramel Latte
Personal Planner / Caramel Latte
Kiroku Studio

Personal Planner / Caramel Latte

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KIROKU ORIGINAL / Designed for your to go lifestyle, bringing organization to wherever you are.

Vegan, Designed in Germany - Caramel Latte: KIROKU Personal Ring Planner. We will need 2-5 working days to prepared / finish up the planner for you, thank you in advance for your patience. 



Made from butter smooth Vegan Leather.

Height: 190mm

Width: 150mm / 310mm (when open)

Ring Size or Capacity: 25mm

This planner can fit most of the PERSONAL inserts on the market. If you make your own inserts, this cover can fit pages that are up to 120mm wide.

 Left Hand Side: 

  • Five card pockets
  • Small bottom pocket
  • Vertical slip pocket
  • Secretary envelope

Right Hand Side:

  • Vertical hidden envelope
  • Zipped pocket
  • Pen loop



Caramel - Delicious Brown

Latte - Elegant Nude Beige

Latte version color is a bit hard to catch on camera. That's why it seems slightly different on different locations.



About the Planner:

Size - instead of standard Personal Size, we chose to make it a little bit wide so that it has all the possibilities. For example, we tried to make our own pages by recycling an envelope. This extra space of the wide side fits the DIY envelope perfectly. We don’t have to trim down anything at all ^^


Design - We have personally tried out different pocket layouts to reach to this final design. Our main focus was the cover on the left side. We think it is crucial to have easy access and useful pockets on that side because that's the one we will reach to the most. This design is perfect for daily use.


Small Details -

Pen loop is hidden behind the strap so that when we don’t feel like using it, it won't hang in there and be in our way.

Flyleaf is included to help us write, especially when we are on the go and can't find a desk. All we need is having the Flyleaf under our notes, problem solved!

Last but not least, the button. We have added an extra button on the outside so that the closing is more flexible.





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